Mass Schedule


Confessions will be heard before and after Masses


Sunday 9:00 am

Holy Eucharist Mass


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 8:00 am

Holy Eucharist

(at the Rectory Chapel)


Wednesday 5:30 pm

Holy Eucharist Mass


Wednesday 6:00 pm

Religious Study


Fridays in Lent we have Mass at 5:30 PM followed by Compline and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.


Holy Week Schedule:

Spy Wednesday          5:30 PM
Holy Thursday            6:00 PM
Good Friday                6:00 PM
Holy Saturday Vigil    8:00 PM
Easter Sunday            9:00 AM



On that night of Our Savior's resurrection He came to His apostles and breathed on them saying, "Receive the Holy Ghost, the sins you shall forgive shall be forgiven, the sins you shall hold bound shall be held bound."

To the Church was given the gift of reconciliation, whereas a bishop or priest, stands in persona Christi and pronounces
Divine forgiveness at the Savior's command.


This Sacrament of Holy Confession heals the spiritual wounds of the baptized, and reestablishes the broken relationship between God and man. In a general manner is this exercise of Divine Authority used at every Holy Mass after the General Confession, but it is more powerfully realized when an individual
penitent comes to the Sacrament and seeks personal healing from sin. 

Sunday School

Our Sunday school provides a weekly lesson which is general enough to tailor-fit to every age group and there are enough suggested activities so that older and younger children will always be engaged. The program features lots of activities, games and songs which help to teach serious and important lessons in a way that children will find exciting and enjoyable.


Each lesson plan includes a focus statement, or theme summary, a gathering activity to settle the children in for the day's session, a memory verse to link the lesson to the Scripture passage being considered, a prayer or prayers, a song and the lesson and related activities.